Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Getting started

I've wanted to launch this blog for quite a while now. Over the years I've built up a body of work that fits here.

My street photography blog celebrating people who express their individuality through their own sense of fashion.

I really enjoy seeing how people express their individuality, and how they feel, through what they wear on any given day. Some people have turned it into an art form.

Tremendous thought, effort and creativity go into styling themselves and projecting a particular image.

Others take far less effort but nobody can avoid expressing themselves through the clothes they choose to wear - and even corporate workers can make subtle statements.

True free expression is what I really like to see though.

The individuals and diverse fashions you encounter on the street are endlessly fascinating.

So here goes...
Shoes and stockings. (click to see larger)
Your comments are very welcome.

Till soon,

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